9 keys for achieving goals9 keys for achieving goals

Friday, August 17, 2012

Today’s mental workout will help you score the goals to your life’s happiness. Of course, you have to shoot first, before you score. By now everybody under the sun knows about the importance of setting goals for success, but the process of actually achieving them is another matter. The good thing is that you have been achieving goals all your life without even realizing it, from breathing, walking, talking, it may seem straightforward, but the brain goes through the same process for large vision goals or basic ones. If you want a goal badly enough, then task your mind to deliver it.

1. Begin now. No more procrastination. You should already have your goals written down and communicated the force behind them, so just take the first step, commit and act now.

2. Clarity. Attach specifics and a measurable timeline. You may not be entirely crystal-clear on every step you have to take, but you need to have a firm grasp on what’s required.

3. Mindset. Program your mind’s Reticular Activating System(RAS) for success. You are either taking steps to accomplish your goal, doing the wrong things, or just maintaining the status quo.

4. Passion. Pursue goals you wholeheartedly want to achieve. Your heart and mind exist to supply the boundless energy and power you need to overcome obstacles on the road to success.

5. System. Construct a measurable system to monitor your progress with milestones. Writing goals is one thing, executing them effectively lies the challenge, measure your performance.

6. Visualization. Stimulate your mind creatively. Visualize up to three alternate ways to achieve your goals, consciously daydream, have fun, become obsessed with reaching success.

7. Focus. Execute better as you progress. You should always understand the next most critical steps to yield the results you desire, laser-focus on hitting your targets consistently.

8. X-factor. Gaining confidence through x-perience builds momentum. Your curiosity should reveal even more opportunities than you previously thought if you are totally engaged.

9. Persistence. Learn from failure, experiment, test, adjust. Stay patient, fine tune your positive attitude, enjoy the unpredictable journey, if necessary, seek coaching from a support network.