9 reasons to overcome fear9 reasons to overcome fear

Friday June 1, 2012

Today’s mental workout offers some vital reasons to overcome fear to live life on terms you dictate. We indeed continue to live in uncertain times with the latest stock market drop and lackluster Job figures. In addition, the European problem is not going away anytime soon as world capital markets are all intertwined. There is no doubt that the middle and working classes are going to be severely impacted in the next decade. With increased automation and globalization, some industries will be replaced by new skills and technology, the gap between rich and poor will widen because too many people will continue to operate under an outdated mindset. Trust, dependence and track record can no longer be attached to bonds, stocks, banks, governments, commodities, precious metals, real estate investments, all those can fail. However there’s one investment even with failure can provide infinite return, your courage to live on your terms. You never know what you are capable of until you overcome the fear to control your own life. Outsourcing your personal security and well-being to others is now a gamble.

1. The best commodity you own is the courage of your heart and mind. Unlearn what you learned in school. Tap into the source that provides you infinite return despite worldwide uncertainty.

2. The fear doesn’t go away till you confront it. Understand that fear is just a normal part of the human condition. Fear presents an opportunity for you to be the hero in your life’s movie.

3. The powers-that-be want you to live in fear. Keeping fear in your mind gives them the power for control. Observe the world around you and notice who fear benefits most.

4. Fear is your mind’s way of seeking more information. Provide reassurance to your mind by working through all possible scenarios. Recall how you overcame fear in the past to triumph.

5. Overcoming fear makes you alive. It will breathe new rich blood circulating around your system. It enables you to be comfortable in your own skin, you surely deserve that.

6. Fear in one area easily diffuses into others. It can easily spiral out of control and take over your entire existence. Overcoming fear will open up a new world of unlimited possibilities.

7. Imagine if fear paralyzed everybody. Where would we be as a species if our ancestors never ventured outside their familiar surroundings? What if fear had kept the world flat?

8. As a human being, uncertainty of what the future holds is part of the package. Instead of allowing uncertainty to breed fear, consider it a challenge. Life is about overcoming fear.

9. Learning to master fear makes you a student of the universe. Tomorrow’s certainties may replace today’s misinformation. Action in the face of fear of the unknown is human adaptation to life on Earth. Live!

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