Class Reunion Dance!!!Class Reunion Dance!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Today’s mental workout for political Thursday will begin with a tribute to a modern day Da Vinci indeed, a remarkable visionary that had no peer in his lifetime. A man who could teach all politicians a thing or two about real leadership from the front, are you listening Boehner, Pelosi and McConnell. A real innovator who really preached the importance of thinking differently. Besides the obvious revolutionary changes he spearheaded, he significantly taught us all a lesson about the proper way to bounce back from adversity. Who else could have possessed the power to turn such a negative of losing control of the company he founded into such a positive comeback story. He also encouraged people to work their true passion in life and how he was not knighted during his lifetime, I will never know, but he probably cared little for mortal awards for he was surely as immortal as they come. He will surely get a mental workout dedicated to him in the near future when I get a chance to really research his life story. At the mental workout we are big believers of celebration of life within the mourning. What a life he had indeed! He’s been inspirational to us all as he has to people all over the world. Catullus said it best ‘hail and farewell for eternity.’

It’s no surprise that political Thursdays is fast becoming one of the most popular days considering all the political action or inaction going on these days. The frustration of the public is definitely reaching a boiling point and understandably so. It’s great to see that the uprisings are not noticeably partisan in nature, the middle class and the working class are fed up with the attitudes of the haves, it’s time for some fundamental issues to be addressed. All classes and both political parties have to get together for a big reunion dance. After all political party can mean the other type of party too right. Maybe that’s why they need all those closed sessions. Anyhow it’s time for a coming together reunion dance. It’s been a while since all the classes and both parties hung out together. It’s a fact given our current state of affairs, every class needs the other.

A new spirit of cooperation must come into play in politics top down for the classes to reunite and get to know each other again, it’s been a while. Both political sides don’t need to necessarily kiss and make up, well maybe a little peck on the cheek won’t hurt, it can get things started in the right mood. But both parties must understand the people must command all their attention and take center stage, it is after all the government of the people, not just the fat cats. Both sides should be patient with each other, they can’t possibly get all their agenda implemented right now with the state of the national economy. Both sides are going to have to live to fight another day. Come on congressman and congresswoman, reach across the aisle and grab a partner and hit the house dance floor. It doesn’t matter for now if you ain’t got no rhythm, just try it, you may really like your new dance partners. Come on McConnell, loosen up those facial frown lines and hit the floor and get some oxygen going to your brain, you too Pelosi, it might put a real smile on your face.

Nobody is asking anyone to compromise their political identity whatever that means, just understand the current system is unsustainable. Cooperation must now replace direct competition over very limited resources between the parties for now. And by limited resources, I mean the people’s heart and minds. The people have lost all their patience with both sides pointing fingers at each other like little kids fighting over a board game, no disrespect to little kids. This grass roots movement will hopefully set the platform for generational change and a new way of doing politics. Seriously reform the politics of illusions and eliminate the power of interest groups, not just put in loopholes they can easily skirt around. The people have definitely had it, where’s Joe the Plumber when we need him now. Forget politics, I seriously need a plumber, get at me Joe! I don’t even care you don’t have a license, heck I don’t have a license for what I’m doing. Hush, hush, don’t tell anyone.

There’s plenty of time to set a complete agenda going forward, the country has serious fundamental issues to deal with just like the rest of the world. However we have to be clear that real grass roots change is needed in capitalism, government and politics in general. The era of public bailout of financial institutions and govt subsidized organizations like Fannie and Freddie have to end. Too big to fail has become even bigger! As usual the people are misled, told one thing while behind closed doors, handshakes seal the real deal. Anyway let all sides come together and decide on the best song and dance going forward. Patience is the order of the day, these problems didn’t happen overnight and they can’t be fixed overnight either. There’s plenty of time to make sure everybody gets their song played. Shout out to DJ Obama and Michelle on the wheels of steel, let Biden get in a set, he can’t do much harm here.

Today’s mental workout is to please pass this along to 9 of your influential circle of friends who possess the patience to see out their dreams. We are seeking those who can supply the valuable universal currency of patience. Most things worthwhile in life take time, it’s usually only a get rich overnight scheme for the ones selling it. We at the mental workout team can show you a clearly defined strategy to unlock your full potential in a 9 step program starting Oct 10 through mid January. One can harness the patient mind to yield countless opportunities. As always make it a great mental workout.