Concerto in U major!Concerto in U major!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Today’s mental workout urges you to write the musical notes to your life. Wind down the week by playing a musical instrument. If you don’t play any musical instruments, it’s highly recommended that you make time to learn. Learn to play your own notes in life. Playing music will open up so many new connections in your brain you never dreamed you had. Einstein had been an average student at school till he took up the violin which really stimulated him into action. From where he ended up, I’d say he definitely added his musical notes to the annals of mankind. Playing music frees you, it opens up your creative juices. There is definitely a link between music and creativity, you will notice many scientists tend to be gifted musically too.

Practice playing a musical instrument, it’s never too late to begin. Don’t underestimate the power of the mind to learn anything it’s driven to. The question is how hungry are you to try any endeavor. How willing are you to push yourself. Playing music like most ventures worthwhile requires patience, persistence and resilience. Even if you think you are terrible, stick with it, just keep practicing. Practice does truly make perfect eventually. Before playing my rugby matches when younger, I would awaken my spirits within by practicing my piano. Also playing music during any stressful examination periods when my body was taxed produced more energy for me to perform, practicing my piano created a peaceful equilibrium. Learning to read music will also engage your brain. Get your body in sync, give music to your body that you create thru participation. Music gets multiple components of your body all working together in harmony improving your brain’s coordination.

If you already play a musical instrument, try playing another one for a change. Play a full range of instruments if possible in life. You may even play other instruments better. Find the instrument that suits the right chords you wish to play in life. Playing a musical instrument doesn’t have to be all practice and dedication. Have fun along the way. You can even try experimenting with writing your own music. Play around with the notes. Experiment with producing different sounds. Birth some new music to the world. Learning to write music gives you exceptional insight into the world of composers. Send notes of energy and passion shivering down your spine that you create. Don’t play your life’s song in the wrong minor key. Play the notes that unblock your arteries, that expand your passageways for rich oxygenated blood to flow to your brain giving you more life. Giving your body music is first class treatment, it’s a vacation from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s sending your body to the beautiful mountains of Austria, the historic birthplace of classical music or to Paris, the historic birthplace of modern day romance. Write a love ballad to yourself, nobody knows you better. Life is one grand musical, compose your own concerto. To have even more fun, get a group of learners together and encourage each other. Who knows, Mr. Beethoven may be living inside you rent free somewhere, at least until you wake up. As always, make it a great melodic mental workout.