Cool as the other side!Cool as the other side!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Today’s mental workout will focus on meditation, after a hard week of financial worry all over the world, we all could use a little R and R. The important thing is to not let the ups and downs of the stock market get your spirits down, hopefully your retirement is still down the road, and if’s it’s not, you probably shouldn’t be vested in too much stock in your portfolio. Realize that ups and downs is likely the way forward for the next decade, best to focus on factors within your control. With all the negative news that seemingly springs from everywhere nowadays, it’s important that you maintain a cool positive atmosphere for your brain’s peak performance.

Get as cool as the other side of the pillow and listen to waterfalls as you sail away to meditation land. Don’t worry, you won’t get seasick on this trip. Find a cool website to download some waterfalls sound or use your IPhone, IPad, ITunes, Ieverything, just for the record, we are not sponsored by Apple. Slow your thoughts down completely and listen to the beautiful sound of waterfalls. Meditation will ease stress and anxiety and open the pathways of your heart increasing your awareness. Focus on taking long deep breaths in and out from your belly. Escape on your free floating life raft, escape from the stressful pace of the world, escape all the negative currents. Transform your mind to a distant place of tranquillity, wash out the windows of your soul. Get drunk with the sounds of water to your ears, tell your mind to always strive for serenity and calm, and it will seek ways to bring it to you, ask and you shall receive. A cool and calm mind will serve its master more effectively. Let the positive vibes flow thru your entire body. Don’t let any uninvited guests in, when they knock on your mind’s doors, make sure the ‘do not disturb sign’ is clearly visible. Don’t forget to spray your mind with the best bug spray to keep those annoying negative thoughts out. Have a great relaxing weekend! As always make it a great mental workout.