Monday, October 1, 2012

Sales reps need to understand what their best skill sets are and work hard to maximize its effectiveness. They should also work on improving their weaknesses of course, but they shouldn’t dwell on them. Some let their shortcomings invade their mind and cripple them from taking action. They should focus their energy on what they know they are good at and what they do well. Once confident, they can work on executing their strategies. Total confidence in their own abilities is critical, it’s tough to inspire confidence in your prospects to take action if they don’t seem it themselves. Reps need to find their comfort zone where their minds can function most effectively. Reps need to understand the importance of simply executing then evaluating, then factor the experience gained and then execute again. Many reps are master procrastinators and bombard themselves with a list of action steps which they never get to because they are not enthused about doing them, however they could gain momentum executing the strategies that ally with their skills and strengths.

What have you tried to do, but don’t enjoy, how can you make it more enjoyable?