File a divorce!!!File a divorce!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Today’s mental workout encourages you to file a divorce from a negative mindset or a negative state of being. It could be dream stealers in the shape of negative or discouraging friends, negative stress at work perhaps, it could be even just jealous people. But we certainly wouldn’t advice marriage divorce here on the mental workout team, that’s way above our pay grade, it’s not what we are here for. If anything we would like to encourage marriage only if you are mentally tough, well-disciplined and secure enough. Don’t assume marriage is for everyone just because you see everybody doing it. If you haven’t noticed, there’s also a very high divorce rate across the world. It may be good for the legal industry, but it’s very damaging to individuals and potentially any kids involved. If you feel like cheating on your partner on the eve of your marriage, you may want to reconsider. Sometimes what happens in Vegas needs to come out of Vegas. You can’t hide from your true self and your true nature forever. Be totally honest with yourself and your future partner. Before you rush into marriage or any other life- changing endeavor, take your time, bring composure to your mind. Truly believe you have all the time in the world. The patient and calm mind will yield you the best results. Forget whatever the Kardashians portray, marriage is more than party and fanfare, it’s very serious business i.e. serious commitment. Just look at all the drama with those shows along with all the Housewives and so on. Does anyone really think that wealth and status can shield you from negative forces and bring you happiness. Well perhaps their definition of happiness differs from reality.

Incidently if you are having marriage difficulties, consider allowing both your emotions to settle and write down the original things that brought you both together, assuming you did enjoy a healthy relationship before you got hitched, if you didn’t I beg to ask the question why you took the next step. An important part of marriage should be actually liking each other and caring for each other. Marriage should not be competition, but cooperation and faith in each other. No matter how bad an experience you are enduring, approach it with positive energy as much as possible, seek to be the one that communicates and if you have to, seek the help of friends happily married or highly recommended professionals. Sometimes in some extreme situations, chaos begins to be the norm, you definitely don’t want that, eventually a chaotic situation will likely lead to chaotic consequences. Today’s mental workout urges you to take the necessary steps to break away from any negative elements in your life which you have control over today. If some negative situations are beyond your control for now, then start proactively planning to turn things around at some point in the future. The more you can eliminate any areas of stress and negative vibes in your life, the higher your quality of life and potential for happiness. Even though the govt and corporations would love for you to forget, but there’s much more to life than paying bills and taxes, when both married entities get in bed together, we are the ones that end up screwed.

Negative energy weighs you down. Life throws enough curve balls at you without any need for you to make it tougher on yourself. Put out a warrant to arrest negative energy forces residing within your body and sphere of influence, it robs your valuable energy. Negative energy kills your enthusiasm, negative energy kills your spirit, negative energy kills your quality of life. Go ahead and file the divorce paperwork and process the application to rid yourself of the negative forces that hold you back from living that fulfilling life you desire. I promise you, it will be the best divorce you ever had, the wonderful part is no lawyer will profit from your misfortune. Go ahead and appeal to the highest court, the supreme court of your well being, you will be glad you did. As always, make it a great mental workout.