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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Today’s mental workout for superheroes Tuesdays is a farewell tribute to a real live super human being, Steve Jobs. All of us witnessed his amazing presence on our planet. Future generations may wonder if he truly was of this Earth with the remarkable impact he’s had on us all. Besides the obvious fact it really takes amazing genius to sell the same product over and over again, just kidding. I know there are people out there that do religiously buy every upgrade, more power to them.

Steve Job’s prowess didn’t just end at innovating consumer products, he innovated the whole concept of modern day business thinking. He revolutionized three completely separate industries. He was the most valuable leader of our generation and turned his organization into the most valuable in the entire world. He’s one of the few CEOs whose consumers actually adored almost to superhuman status, such was the charisma of the man. Everyone no matter what demographic enjoyed the benefits of his creations which were not just forward thinking, but entirely transformational. Steve Jobs was a visionary who simply saw things others couldn’t see. He saw the world in the same limitless way that Da Vinci did, others ask why and he thought why not. He was an extraordinary artist who didn’t paint on canvass, but created beauty out of electronic devices, no easy feat. Jobs saw the importance of an open mind to seek beauty in all types of places. He was a true universal man his Renaissance predecessors would have been proud of. Thinking out of the box is in a universe with limitless potential is what life should really be all about. Steve jobs led from the front and by example and leaves behind the most valuable world brand.

The story of Steve Jobs is truly an inspiring one to anybody no matter where in the world they are from, whether rich or poor, whether privileged or not. Jobs himself was adopted and never met his biological father, he also dropped out of college due to financial hardship and really endured tough times. However he had what money can’t buy, passion and indomitable will to succeed. Just goes to show, it’s not about the fancy schools attend or how many degrees you can hang on your wall, it also has a great deal to do with your internal drive and burning desire to succeed. Jobs could have made numerous excuses to give up, but he persisted. Like other geniuses that drop out of college, sometimes institutions can’t contain certain minds and lead them down a pre-determined path. Steve Jobs was one who sought to create his own path and took his destiny upon his own hands. Many would be discouraged and disillusioned if they were forced out of the company they founded, not Jobs he grew strength from adversity and went on to create success in other enterprises. His return to take Apple off life support to the most valuable brand in the world says it all.

The courage of Steve Jobs to take on IBM is a great story within itself. How many would dare take on such giants, and not just take them on, but take technology down a path most people don’t even dare dream of, never mind execute. He had the mental fortitude to follow his heart and intuition. He had that rare quality of making everybody around him that much better. He inspired not only business people in all industries all around the world, but everybody in the world from the little kid or senior has felt the breadth of his influence. Jobs truly exemplified what effective leadership from the front should be. Apple didn’t just exist to make money, it changed people’s lives. Jobs transformed the way we used computers, he transformed the way we listen to music, he transformed the way we should think. If you could measure a man by his passion, Jobs would still be immeasurable, the man was truly a superhuman walking among mortals.

Steve Jobs showed us how we should live in our universe with infinite possibilities. He’s one person people should be glad and honored to follow. His stay hungry and stay foolish motto to the young generation will be timeless, people should aspire to truly work their passion and pursue their dreams with youthful exuberance. Today’s mental workout is to follow in the footsteps of the innovator himself, strive to think differently and bring your true passion to our amazing universe and make your dreams come true. Stamp your own unique footprint. As always, make it a great mental workout.


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