Go all in!Go all in!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Today’s mental workout tips you to go all in your poker game of life. Poker is a great fun way to blow off some steam after a hard week’s work. You can get together with a group of friends and let loose a little bit. Why not unwind a little and enjoy yourself at the same time. Ladies join in with the boys! We are talking about a friendly game of course, we certainly don’t want to encourage gambling over here at the mental workout team. Depending on where in the world you are, that could be illegal. Imagine the huge difficulty in trying to police the internet with all the various different laws across all countries, but we’ll save that for another day. Enjoy a great game of the poker game of life. Remember when your life’s cards are dealt, play with the hand you are given. Whatever color you are, whatever looks you have, whatever abilities you possess, learn to work with what the universe has granted you. Learn to turn negatives into positives. No matter how bad you think the hand you were dealt is, somebody else has it worse and would love to switch places with you.

Relax a little, take your mind off the real world, I promise you it ain’t going nowhere, you can check in and pick up your luggage of stress Monday morning if that makes you feel better. Don’t know why, but some people seem to need the stress and high pace of life to justify their existence. However life shouldn’t be all work and no play. Life is for fun, forget all your worries for a while, take a load off.

Try your hand in the poker game of life. Luck is important in life. It may seem that some people are born really lucky possessing amazing talent, yes it’s true, some are born more gifted than others. However, anybody born should consider themselves lucky considering the odds of birth. Talent is only the beginning, you still need to play out your whole hand and deliver on any early promise. It’s not enough just to show up and go through the motions, you have to find a way to make your talent pay off in whatever way you desire. You’ll find the talented people that put in the hard work tend to reap the best results. Work with whatever innate talent bestowed upon you by the universe. Don’t worry so much about what others have, work with what your mama gave you.

Have patience in your poker game of life. Understand the basic probabilities of any venture or endeavor you partake in. Do some homework and roughly figure out your odds of success as best you can. When the odds become stacked against you, maintain the discipline to know when to fold. Tomorrow is always another day. Always learn from every bad experience, don’t blame others or cry over spilled milk. In your poker game of life, learn to use your instincts to think like others, learn to read between the lines, learn to anticipate. Maintain your composure at all times, don’t fall for any distractions or traps, keep your eyes on the prize. Never let them see you sweat. Understand your threshold for risk vs reward. Calculated risk works wonders for the mind. Go ahead and go all in your poker game of life. As always, enjoy your mental workout.