Monday, February 25, 2013

Sales reps should use their scripts as a guideline or a foundation which they need to make their own. They should add their own personality, character and substance to the company’s requirements. There can be no absolute scripts in a sales world otherwise you can just hire robots to do the selling. Reps should use their own unique background and life experience to tell their story and seek to connect with the prospect. Decision makers like to work with real people with their own different perspective, not organizational clones just delivering scripted presentations. Reps should take the initiative to think differently and plan to do something completely different in their presentations that involves on-the-spot thinking. The power of improvisation draws people to you like a magnet, it energizes them and entertains them fueling them with positive energy vibes making them more conducive to your message. Improvisation will also set you apart from other reps in your industry.

Take some steps to add some improvisation to your next appointments.