Monday, November 5, 2012

Sales reps should get specific training on improving their improvisation skills. When the unexpected happens as it usually will in an unpredictable universe, then it becomes an opportunity for composure and time to spark the creativity juices as opposed to the usual panic mode situation. Panic invites fear and anxiety to worsen the situation. Whatever it is that occurred has already happened, getting all worked up about it is not going to improve matters. Reps can be prepared mentally to improvise through practice, experience and commitment to excellence. Sales reps no matter their level of expertise and seniority should be life-long learners. Every day, every new appointment presents a wonderful opportunity to expand their knowledge base and learn to adapt to any situation. Sometimes a crucial member of the team, perhaps a technical engineer can’t make the meeting so instead of hitting the panic button, quickly determine which other technical expert can conference in before crying over spilled milk.

Which would you prefer, everything to go perfectly or some mishap that gets the blood going?