Monday, September 17, 2012

The most effective sales reps are not robots just following a company manifesto. They understand the importance of planning well and executing strategies, however they don’t just proceed blindly if things don’t go according to plan, they learn to improvise and make the most of the situation. The ability to improvise takes foresight and creativity, so the reps must have their minds fully engaged in the task at hand. Some sales reps focus so much on their presentation that they fail to read the situation. If the client has experienced some kind of issue beforehand that they are not in the best emotional state of mind to be receptive, most sales reps simply plough ahead. They feel like they have done all the work and preparation and they must just deliver it on that day no matter what, without taking time to evaluate and make sure it’s still good timing for the decision makers. Reps can improvise by seeing the big picture and re-scheduling a new appointment or switch a delivery medium that might accommodate the client better.

How can you enhance creativity to improvise?