Intelligence Intelligence

Monday, June 24, 2013

In the same way sales intelligence tools develop predictive analytics to targeted leads, sales reps need to constantly improve their intelligence on a daily basis. Top sales producers are always hunting down methods that can increase their sales performance. They work hard in addition to working smarter than others. Increased intelligence is conducive to improved awareness and perception. They can readily recognize signs like reading body language and mannerisms of their prospects. They don’t proceed blindly, but keep their eyes open and notice the most subtle changes when things deviate off plan. Intelligence is what gives some species significant advantage over others. Intelligence is what gives countries a valuable advantage over others in times of battle. Intelligence is a determinant factor when evaluating sales performance. The ability to get better at manipulating information decreases the likelihood of repeating mistakes. Mistakes should be opportunities to gather information and learn for future reference or recognition when the same patterns occur.

How does intelligence factor in your game plan?