Last of the Summer Wine!!!Last of the Summer Wine!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Today’s mental workout for relaxations Fridays is to wind down the week with a nice glass of red wine to really warm up the heart. If you are in the northern hemisphere, this is the time of the year as we head deeper into fall awaiting the onset of the winter chill that moods start to darken as well. It’s perfectly normal for our moods to change, most people don’t enjoy the cold, even the folks in the Scandinavian countries get tired of it sometimes. Here in sunny California, people go even crazier if you can imagine that when the cold sets in. Weather plays a key role in mood changes, I guess it’s easy to associate summertime with fun time, vacation and relaxation. Serotonin, one of the neurotransmitters that makes us happier is controlled by the amount of light we get therefore when we approach winter and reduced light, we naturally get a little sad. Keep that fire in the belly within you going with an endless supply of passion and youthful exuberance to always live life with the summer attitude.

So to combat the mood changes, have a glass of wine and reminisce about the summer with some friends. Wine is good for your blood, it will prevent clotting and is great for your kidneys as well with moderation of course. Everybody should already know that the antioxidants found in red wine help prevent heart disease by increasing levels of the good cholesterol which protects against artery damage. Don’t over do it like most things in life, you don’t want to risk reversing its positive effects.

Religions even recommend wine, nothing like divine blessing. The great Jesus himself turned water into wine, how’s that for the greatest endorsement of all, he didn’t even bother to pick up his royalty checks, I guess we can hold it till his supposed return, whenever that is.

Create a tropical zone within you even in the dead of winter with a summer attitude. Life is for warmth to yourself and to share with others. The act of Giving warms up your blood, it’s a wonderful sensation. These days with skyrocketing energy bills, we all could use more warmth. Count ourselves lucky however, with our advanced brains and being of the warm blooded mammal species we can control our body temperature. Some animals still have to migrate to warmer climates during the harsh winter. Our warm blooded nature ( Wall St executives exempted) has been crucial to our survival on Earth for generations. Use the four chambers of your heart to distribute warmth throughout your body and to others via warm thoughts. If you know some cold blooded humans, encourage them to warm up. Red is for heat. Red is for blood. Blood is life. Life is in the blood.

Today’s mental workout is to do your best French impersonation, enjoy a glass of red wine and toast to all the veterans out there, thanks for your service. Pour out a sip for all those who didn’t make it past and present. As always make it a heartwarming mental workout.


Remember, we emphasize

Remember, we emphasize moderation.

Insightful, I now have

Insightful, I now have excuses to indulge.