To live is to evolve!To live is to evolve!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Today’s mental workout comes in the thought provoking category. As technology continues to advance at an incredible rate, isn’t it time for humans to take the next step in our evolution. Surely tolerance and openness to different views should win the day. Is there really any significant change between modern day humans and those that lived 3000 years ago, except that we can punch digits on tech gadgets. You can replace Aristophanes with Shakespeare and the latter with Faulkner. Society continues to have the different characters playing the same roles generation after generation. Parents raise kids to become clones of themselves. Isn’t it time for the offspring to show their parents the way. The student should learn to teach the master. Are we indeed human beings or human clones participating in a modern day feudal society?? It’s clear that material possessions don’t necessarily lead to happiness. Often you find people who make it simply replace one set of problems with another set of problems. In a celebrity obsessed culture, we know all too well that fame and fortune may not bring you total peace of mind either, you only have to ask Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and company. The universe creates every human being equal, it’s only other humans that determine the value of that creation. Royalty and titles mean absolutely nothing to the universe, only human perception rewards such folly.

Today’s mental workout poses the question, what role would you have played 3000 years ago in a historical context. Go ahead use your imagination. That’s the right side of your brain at work. In a left brain dominated world where we seem raised to follow orders and not question authority, perhaps a little imagination can go a long way. Go ahead and play some Beatles and spark some creative juices. After your journey back in time, consider your present situation. Are you satisfied with your chosen profession? Are you passionate about how you make a living? If not, what do you plan to do about it. Remember life is for living. What would future generations 1000 years from now think about us. It’s fair to say that most people seem to be working life and then waiting for the retirement package to come at age 65 which may or may not come. Consider how many people you know complain about their jobs day in day out, yet do nothing to find a way to monetize their passion. Don’t be them. Carpe diem! As always, enjoy your mental workout.