Mental StrengthMental Strength

Monday, April 29, 2013

The most widely accepted way to measure sales performance is usually the monthly quota revenue target, however that doesn’t tell the whole story neither does the sales funnel. In addition to monthly targets, there should be activity targets especially in regards to prospecting. When sales reps struggle to hit their numbers, they lose their confidence allowing anxiety and negative vibes to permeate their bodies taking away their potency. The disappointment of not hitting their monthly quota increases their desperation as they try and struggle to close business by any means necessary whereby neglecting their prospecting duties thinking that it’s too far away in the future to help their situation. Sales reps need to be disciplined and increase their mental fortitude to weather the storm. It presents an opportunity for sales management to help the reps get back on track by reassuring them to continue with their prospecting. Prospecting activities should be part of sales performance analysis in addition to enhanced sales funnel management to discourage reps from padding their pipelines with unqualified prospects just to seem busy.

What do you need the mental strength to overcome most?