Monday, August 20, 2012

Sales reps should be themselves in the process of selling. Some reps admitted to me during my interview process that they developed different sales personas when out in the field. Reps would be better served being their natural selves. Some try to be everything to everybody. Reps should practice being themselves at all times. Some sales training courses even recommend imitating your prospect, talking and acting like them, what happened to just being real. Don’t we get enough acting on tv and in the movies, do we now have to be actors in real life too. Reps should be genuine and proud of who they are and the important job that they do. At the end of the day, knowing who they truly are on the inside is the key to lasting success. No prospect expects the sales rep to be and act just like them, that’s just part of the nonsense being taught by those who contribute to stigma attached to sales reps as doing and saying anything to get the sale.

How much time do you devote to practice?

Emit positive vibes

Monday, August 6, 2012

For every action there’s a reaction. Sales reps need to be mindful of the energy they are giving out. It entails being very polite to everybody they come into contact with from the gate keeper to influencers within the prospect companies. In today’s world, single decision makers are harder to come by. Many departments have influence power, so it behooves sales reps to treat everyone with total respect. Sales reps have the power to make people they come into contact with smile, people always remember those that make them smile. Be genuine about it, it’s no surprise that top producing sales reps think quickly on their feet and know how to recognize opportunities where others overlook. Remarkable things happen when you believe in positive energy. Believing in the power of positive energy transforms the lives of sales people, a sound and positive mind is worth gold, you have billions of neurons stimulated with the ability to quadruple positive energy vibes and create even more avenues for success.

How do you send out positive vibes in your habitat?

Science of passion

Monday, July 23, 2012

Highly successful people love what they do. They are generally very good at what they do and get well rewarded for it, however there are others who work for free because they have passion for what they do. They volunteer their time because doing what they love gives them more life. All sales reps need to have the same passion for their positions. Even though there are aspects to the job sales reps don’t enjoy, usually cold calling and other prospecting activities, they have to find a way to enjoy it. They can use their minds to connect their passion to their least favored activities. If passion sells in sales and sells in life in general, isn’t it worth the effort to investigate how to make the activities they dread more fun. If scientists can split the atom and develop complex formulas and equations, why can’t a sales rep use his ingenuous sales mind to connect his passion. Surely, that’s not rocket science. Sales reps must learn to think differently, they can find answers within following the science of their passion and thinking outside the box, way outside.

Brainstorm how to connect your passion to your least favored activities.

Measuring desire

Monday, July 9, 2012

Desire to succeed at all costs alone will set some sales reps apart from the majority. Some sales reps see themselves as simply working a job when in effect they control their own destiny end to end. Sales reps should set their monthly quota obligations beyond what the company asks for. The number the organization needs works for them, but what about the sales reps’ own goals. Wouldn’t it be wise to create a number that far outnumbers the monthly obligations. Why not shoot for the moon and if you fail, you may still end up in the stars. Some sales reps fail to ask enough of themselves, their sales minds can deliver more if only they can change the way they think. Desire means loving the work you do, fall in love with your sales position, it brings stimulation that can open doors. That of course leads to more connections and more possibilities for opportunities. Sales reps must truly desire to succeed, then be patient and make it happen in due course.

How do you measure your internal desire?

Positive start

Monday, June 25, 2012

More emphasis should be placed on positive energy in a sales environment. It’s no surprise why forward thinking organizations like Google provide the best positive work environment possible. Sales reps have enough to contend with out in the field, so when they return to the office, senior management needs to create the best atmosphere for positive energy. It becomes a case of quality of work. Sales reps will be happier and thrive in a peak performance positive energy environment. If the environment is more positive, the outcome of their work will be increased production. It’s a win-win for all parties involved. We are in an era where more scientific evidence will point to the enormous benefits of a peak performance positive energy workplace environment. Another positive move would be to ensure sales reps get off to a positive start in the morning that can shape the rest of their day. Negative starts to the day can affect performance throughout the day.

How can you ensure a positive start to your day?

Genuine passion

Friday, June 1, 2012

Passion means conviction. When sales reps have genuine passion, it shows. It doesn’t look awkward or overdone in any way just trying to convince the prospect to buy. Genuine passion to service your prospect serves as a strong foundation for a lasting relationship. Passion communicates your emotions towards that which you sell and how it can perhaps change the way the customer is currently doing business. People love to be around those that show passion for what they do. Think about how many places one goes whether restaurants, places of business or just walking on the street and you see people looking sad or complaining about this or that. Your prospects are people too, everywhere they go, they notice those that don’t give them any passion or enthusiasm, so they take notice when you present genuine passion in front of them. The sales rep that can show genuine passion has an advantage that they must leverage for success.

How can you increase your genuine passion to sell?

D for desire

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

One could probably find many talented sales reps everywhere, however what it is more crucial is their desire and internal drive to succeed. After all, prospects can’t necessarily measure talent from one sales rep to the next, sure one rep could give better presentations than the next one, but what will ultimately win the day is the desire to press on even when they encounter obstacles. Just like watching a sports program on tv, you can see talented ball players on the field, but what stands out to you is that player who seems to never give up on any plays. He’s not watching the score board, but gives it all he has and leaves it all out on the field. It may be evident that there are better players on the field, however he has internal drive, that non-stop motor that propels him to give more and harder than anybody else. Top producing reps have intense desire to succeed.

Which would you prefer now, more desire or more talent?

Positive energy field

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sales rep possess the power to harness their MVP, the most valuable partner, positive energy. Positive energy presents the key to maximum sales success and sustained performance. Self-belief again plays a critical role. Sales reps must believe in the power of positive energy to help them get to where they want to go. They don’t need to envy those that are successful, instead they should use top producing reps as a sign that it can be done no matter the state of the economy. Encouraging other reps in the sales battle with you builds exceptional character and positive spirit. Far too many sales reps live in a negative world of ‘me, me, me. ‘ Positive energy renews your mind, body and spirit. It rejuvenates you and supplies you with valuable power, you need it, so many forces are out there already trying to work against you, you don’t want to create extra obstacles for yourself.

How do you control your own positive energy field in your work surroundings?

Badge of passion

Monday, May 7, 2012

Top sales producers usually share a few traits in common, one of those is passion. They love what they do and it shows with their actions and their ideas. For their ideas to exude passion, their thoughts also must be passionate. Sales reps need to be passionate about what they sell and also be excited and enthusiastic to help customers solve problems. Passion extends beyond just giving passionate presentations, that’s obviously a great asset to have ability to do that. But in today’s more complex sales world, sales reps need to have a game plan besides just delivering stellar presentations. There are many sales reps out there that deliver powerful presentations, but fail to secure the deal. Numerous factors come to play of course, but wearing passion as your sales’ badge of honor will go a long way. Having passion for what you do will trigger ideas from everywhere. You will observe that you come up with new and interesting ideas that will have you excited to relay them to your clients. They can immediately sense your genuine passion to help them succeed.

Do you communicate your passion to your prospects?


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sales reps need to have burning desire to succeed in such a competitive field. Before they can reach the top of the mountain and stay there consistently, they must truly show they want it badly enough. Some may think they want it, but actions speak louder than words. Many sales reps convey potential for success, but fail to commit to doing the hard work up front. Prospecting takes up much of that hard work. Some sales reps experience success after their initial efforts, but then rest on their laurels. After they get a taste of success, they no longer seem to want to go back to grinding it out. Sales is a process, once you figure out a way to get the ball rolling and push it all the way to the top of the mountain, you need to keep repeating the hard work and process until you’ve developed a system in place that can keep you on top. Putting a winning process in place takes time, patience and strong desire to do whatever it takes.

What are ways you can keep up your desire in your sales position?