Mid-term exam!!!Mid-term exam!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Today’s mental workout as we approach the exact mid-point of the year encourages you to take the mid-term exam of your goals. Now presents an ideal time for a mid-year review of those new year’s resolutions. How are you progressing with those goals? Did you pick up steam from the first quarter and gain some momentum or did you fall off the pace? Even worse, did you fail to take any action whatsoever. Whatever your situation is, evaluate what’s working well and those other things holding back meaningful progress. If the results have been good, look for more opportunities to capitalize on your success. If you failed to take any action or make any forward progress on your goals, then don’t beat yourself up. The question is what are you going to do about it now. Is it one of those magical goals that can only be started at the beginning of the year? Consider how the Neanderthals accomplished their goals long before the Julian and Gregorian calendars showed up on Earth.

Are you just going to wait till the beginning of next year to give your goals another shot? What is likely to change between now and January? Ask the tough questions, why haven’t you progressed as you would like? Did you begin something only to become immediately overwhelmed? That’s a common challenge most people have. When people plan out their goals, it’s only theory until they take action. Nine times out of ten, things don’t turn to go according to script. That’s when many will choose to abandon their goals altogether. If only they would stick to their goals after factoring in the valuable experience gained. Will power and persistence becomes important to learn from mistakes. Sometimes unexpected circumstances like job loss or illness completely throw you off course. However dig deep and stay the course, there’s always creative ways to overcome your challenges if you maintain your self-belief and stay patient. The human mind is a goal achieving machine! You are either busy achieving your own goals or someone else’s.

Another obstacle that prevents people from committing to their goals is due to lack of passion and enthusiasm. Find ways to make your goals more fun and engaging. It presents another opportunity to get creative. Sustaining your goals till completion takes plenty of energy. Enjoyment of one’s endeavors provides that boundless energy that propels you to action day and night. Unfortunately the mind can be your worst enemy when you are not completely engaged. Fear of change or failure can keep you in the status quo so automatic negative thoughts take over entirely further robbing you of energy. It’s very common for people to set the same goals at the beginning of every year without making meaningful progress. Take some pressure off yourself and start right now in the middle of the year. Gain some experience so you don’t have to start off cold again at the beginning of the year. Take it even further, don’t hang back and wait till next week to get started, begin right now. Take action and evaluate as you gain traction, don’t focus on the enormity of the goal, progress step-by-step. Start the year all over again. Best of luck and enjoy your mental workout.