The practice of practiceThe practice of practice

Monday, January 14, 2013

Sales reps should practice, then practice some more. The value of practicing the correct principles programs their brains for peak performance. We all know that some sales reps are masters of practicing the wrong principles of complaining and finding excuses. Unfortunately they have found a way to imprint that thinking process in their minds so it just stays there and exacerbates the original issues. Before long all their minds focuses on is the complaints and the issues and challenges that they face rather than putting their minds on developing solutions. Whenever sales reps catch themselves focusing on challenges, they should be proactive and act quickly. They should find a productive partner to practice with and just focus on something positive they can add to their arsenal. They should identify the weak area that affects their performance the most and increase their confidence through effective practice. There’s a reason that practice makes perfect, in a sales rep’s case, practice just needs to bring results not perfection.

Find a good partner to practice with and also seek the services of an experienced mentor.