The Promised Land!!!The Promised Land!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Today’s mental workout surveys the modern day promised land. This time around there are certainly a great deal many Moseses around claiming they can lead people to the land of milk and honey. Let’s make it clear from the jump, we don’t claim to be internet gurus or wealth magicians here leading people to the land of their dreams. We believe as a human being you should learn to lead yourself. Of course we can all look back now in shock at the bible days and think how could so many people been forced to slave away all day working on building pyramids for their masters. How will generations 2000 years from now judge us. Will they say that 80% of humans in our time slaved away in cubicles working jobs they had absolutely no passion for just to survive. Every human being deserves a chance to pursue their own destiny. Nobody knows what you want better than you. We don’t believe in chasing money either. What we do ‘preach’ is that if you chase your passion and share your own unique gift to the world, with a plan, hard work and a road map, you are more likely to succeed. But instead of waiting for a magic button that may have worked for somebody else, try and find what will work for you. Isn’t there enough copy and paste in this world. Isn’t that part of our modern day problems? Watch every tv network they follow the same pattern, news, entertainment, weather. Morning shows, same pattern. Late night talk shows, same pattern. Sports shows, same pattern. Of course reality shows, one American Idol becomes 10 spin-offs. Human beings have billions of neurons at their disposal that they could be using for ingenuity and creativity rather than copying and cloning.

There are some so called self-help gurus out there saying that every human being has divine providence or that God has a plan for everyone. Really? If you lived in Europe during the Black Death or were Jewish in Hitler’s Germany or citizen of Stalin’s Russia, would it have been your divine right to die through devastating illness or mass concentration camps? Sounds like a pretty bad divine plan to me. Look around at the world around you, even in 2012, we have human beings born without access to food or clean drinking water. There are still humans living in oppressive regimes where women or children have no rights. There are humans forced to work in sweat shops from age 6 or forced into prostitution at age 10. It’s easy to talk divine providence if you live in a free part of the world, but try venturing around some parts of the world to really open your eyes. The blind still lead the blind. Human beings are at the mercy of others, the regimes they live under, other humans. Thank your lucky stars if you live in a part of the world where you have peace and security. Even though there are some places where people are literally ducking bullets right now as I’m writing this, as a whole we happen to live in a much freer time than ever in history with better health and longevity. The average person back in the Middle ages would have been lucky to survive birth and even luckier to live to age 30 and some of that would have been through poor health with the lack of access to good medical care. This is indeed a most opportune time to be alive in our universe, there simply can’t be any excuses for not doing your best with what you have. Those that lived 500 years ago would have given their limbs just to have the opportunities we have today.

The promised land of the internet presents numerous opportunities. When the govt announces big money and plans behind internet infrastructure, that’s a great sign indeed. When Washington realizes that what took 1000 people to build 50 years ago now takes 100 means a radical shift in thinking. More companies will prop up that must leverage the power of internet. Google will get better and smarter with monitoring over internet, new social media tools will open up competition for keywords. A window of opportunity will continue for small companies with no advertising budget to really compete in the internet marketplace. The internet will shift towards valuable content and increased transparency as well as the increase of mobile services. Value content is not enough, you also need to learn strategic marketing and positioning. We have the 99% struggling in addition to small and mid-size businesses who need help to capitalize online. Anybody who is willing to learn can make money online. The first step is to leverage the existing business community in your neighborhood. Find a small business, a lawyer and an accountant. Find out if they have any informational products online that provide extra sources of income for them. Many have a static website and leave it at that. Find three vendors, don’t try and sell them anything, just seek to gather information. Interview them, find out what their challenges are in today’s business climate. You can do dentists, hair salons or clothing outlets. Just find out the best time to speak with the owner. Be likeable and caring. This is a win-win situation, everybody has some kind of local business they patronize. When you locate 3 prospective establishments, devote yourself with your childhood enthusiasm and do an internet research report. Determine what their competition is doing online and what may be missing. Seek input from other industries. Do your homework, each business owner has a wealth of experience people would pay for online. Even if you have a 9 to 5 job, do this in your free time. If you are a job seeker, keep looking for work full time, but devote time to controlling your own destiny. Sacrifice what you must!

Can you make money online? Of course you can! If you were able to complete any kind of education, you can learn to make money online; you just have to change the way you think and be open to new ideas. With all the wealth of free or cost-effective resources available, there’s no excuses for anyone not to stake their own online real estate. The world is shifting from land based real estate to online space. The ultimate goal is to build an online business around your passion, but be patient, take your time and explore all possible opportunities. Helping businesses in your community capitalize on online opportunities is something anybody can learn. Just need to apply yourself and establish your credibility through honest demonstration. Business owners are open to learn from people who can help them especially if it’s little or no expense. Do your own customized mental workout for the business owner and create an information product they can market online where you can split the profits. They have an established business with instant credibility, you have the ability to come up with the online strategic plan. Find out ways you can bring in new customers through a coupon or loyalty card blast to your network of friends and family. The key to making money online is having a plan and being consistent to execute. They say 90% of people who try online businesses fail. That may not tell the whole story. About 30% who stick with it for a few months can reach $300 to $500 profit each month. What many do is realize that they can’t live on that and quit and go find some other program and start all over again. A better course of action would be to duplicate that success by setting up more websites and doing the same thing over and over again. You will get better and better and profits will increase. You can network 3 websites and create a team approach strategy to share the traffic. Online businesses take the same application and hard work as an offline business. You don’t just open a store front offline and 3 months later business is booming. It takes hard work and effort. If some internet guru is promising you 50K in 2 months, proceed with caution. It may be possible, but not probable. Things change so quickly online,be patient and become a student. Build your online business just like a house, lay a strong foundation before you buy the fancy furniture. Next mental workout will address perhaps the easiest way to make money online, what the largest corporations, smallest companies and even individuals do, affiliate marketing. You can do it too! Have a great wknd.