Quality TrafficQuality Traffic

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Today’s mental workout considers ways to attract quality traffic to your website or blog. Attracting quality traffic begins with quality content. The first rule is to offer a fresh new perspective in your niche, introduce a unique angle, preferably a thought provoking one. People will remember content that makes them think, believe you me, it doesn’t happen nearly enough in the world we live in. Build an organic readership by showing that you care and are willing to sacrifice the time to bring them new content that they can’t find elsewhere. Readers are smart enough to discern between fresh and unique content from all the other duplicator websites out there that rehash other sites. Some people become daunted by the millions and millions of blogs in the blogosphere and worry about how they can set themselves apart. However the competition is not with the millions of blogs out there, it’s only with yourself to keep on delivering quality content. Just because people like to go to one popular blog, it doesn’t mean they can’t come to yours too. Information overload is rampant in our society, but quality information that solves problems is always sought after. Last we checked, the world faces innumerable problems. There is still half a world to get online yet, internet speeds will only get faster and faster leading to more and more things done online. So focus on yourself and your unique abilities. Evaluate what those in your niche are doing and find ways to do things better. Address those questions related to your niche with passion and enthusiasm. You need not have all the right answers, just offer your views and back up your claims and assertions as best you can with the data you collect. Clearly communicate what differentiates you confidently.

Article writing is a solid bedrock to attract your target market. You can incorporate video to engage your readership even more. Discover where your target market congregates and post on those forums and communities with the goal of delivering value first and foremost. Prove your expertise by adding value to the conversation. Remember many blog owners visit those same communities and are also looking for more traffic to their blogs as well. It becomes very obvious to spot who’s really out to deliver value to the marketplace or is just self-serving. Engage in meaningful and substantive discussion. Offer to check out the websites of others and provide valuable feedback. They will only be happy to do the same for you. Network with others that are also trying to build their blogs. Many newbies immediately try and reach out to very established blog owners who usually dismiss them serving to discourage them. Don’t seek any shortcuts, pay your own dues and work your way up, establish your own platform which will attract others to you. Have patience to build a solid, organic foundation based on your founding readership. Understand that paid traffic is still an option down the road for you. As in life, those who come for free sometimes carry more value than those who are paid. The traffic that you attract with valuable content is likely to stay with you for the long haul. It’s best to delay investing $ in paid traffic till you are sure your content is meeting needs sufficiently. Develop your own online neighborhood feeling. Ask people to share your content with others. Volunteer your expertise wherever possible. Be a giver and you shall also receive.

Attracting quality traffic takes creativity. Do things other blogs have never done. Tap into the billions of neurons inside your mind for innovative ideas and share them with your audience. Enrich the value of their lives with the time they spend with you. Have fun on your blog, express it in your writing. Everybody faces some level of stress in their daily existence, provide them some much needed relief through laughter. There’s nothing that quite gets people sharing your blog as much as entertaining them while educating at the same time. “Edutainment” is the word of the day! Offer to interview interesting experts in your niche and share it with your audience. Experts are experts for a reason, they love to share their knowledge and the opportunity to keep extending their reach. Approach your blogging with a team based approach. Form a team of other bloggers who appeal to a similar audience and find ways to complement each other sharing valuable traffic. The value of teamwork is often overlooked by emerging website owners. Top corporations are notorious for teaming up on projects, it can often prove very lucrative. Partnerships go a long way in extending the outreach of your blog. Serving your niche through your passion becomes a powerful magnet. Monitor which posts bring you the most traffic and keep supplying more. Build upon your passion, expose yourself to new areas. Strive to stretch the minds of your audience, broaden their horizons like no other and they will bookmark your website and keep coming back for more. Expect the best of yourself and work to deliver. Tomorrow’s mental workout will take a look at another vital ingredient to succeed, persistence.