Rhythming all that jazz!Rhythming all that jazz!

Today’s mental workout for relaxation Fridays seeks to add some much needed soul to your life, we all could always use more of that. Listening to jazz will help your rhythm and you’ll dance better too. Dancing and rhythm is important for total co-ordination of body and synchronized movements, ensuring high level brain functioning. Trust me there are many boardroom meetings out there where folks don’t have any rhythm to their viewpoints and you can bet they probably can’t hold a dance too. Maximum brain productivity requires range. Range of motion equals range of thought. Dancing requires great total body co-ordination and split second decision making, your brain gets an entire workout working both hands and feet simultaneously. Listening to Jazz will send rhythmic vibes down your body, you can use some good rhythm to dance to the tune of life you wish to. Stop dancing to someone else’s rhythm that may not suit your style.

If you find yourself out of step with the life you desire, then take the time out to discover the dance that your rhythm fits. Get in touch with the rhythm that moves you, get in touch with the rhythm that rocks you, get in touch with the rhythm that makes you want to live life. Remember to feel the music, notice when the rhythm changes, so you can change too, don’t get caught out by the change in your life’s beat. Close your eyes and translate the notes of jazz into your life’s body language. Visualize your body painting rhythmic patterns on your life canvas. Go ahead, loosen up, let your body go!

Get in harmony with your life rhythm, let your emotions flow like water, feel the journey of the music travelling through the Venetian canals of your body, let it gently guide the waves downstream. Avoid those waves that pull you upstream against your flow. Don’t worry if you ever miss a tide of opportunity, another one will come along. Find the beautiful harmony that resuscitates life into your lungs. Give your brain melodial harmony in relaxation and it will provide you more solutions to find the same in life. If you get a chance, take in a jazz show in person. Even if you frequently attend live classical music shows, give jazz a chance, remember jazz musicians have to often play with a drummer or steady time without the help of a conductor, so rhythmic timing is crucial. Find your perfect rhythm in life, others have done it, you can too. Rhythm is life! Good luck, enjoy your wknd, make it a soulful mental workout.