Row, row, row your boat!!!Row, row, row your boat!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Today’s mental workout paddles into your rowing sport of life. The streams of life can take you as far you desire to go as long as you get in the best vessel that suits your talents. Finding the right boat that will carry you on the vast oceans of life is half the battle, but once you find it, everything becomes much clearer. It’s not about the size of your boat or how flashy it is and so on, more about seaworthiness when the storms of life come crashing through. If you are pursuing any dreams worthwhile, then it’s not a case of if the storms will come, but when. Whoever said your rowing sport of life would be all open sailing? On the contrary, you may face the harsh weather of life and the rough ocean on the way to accomplishing your dreams, not to mention the circling sharks, however stay calm in the eye of the storm. Losing your cool only impairs your judgment when you need your wits the most. Stay in the moment and exercise patience, life’s harsh weather may rock your boat, however don’t panic. Take deep breaths, weather the storm, it brings thrill to your blood, absorb the pressure and stay committed.

Don’t be afraid to row your life’s boat in the vast open waters. It may get lonely sometimes, but stick with it, most people find it easier to stay in the shallow and emptier waters. Life’s deep treasures are found in unchartered waters by those daring enough to take action. Achieving success in your life requires paddling in the right direction, you must be willing to put in the strokes. Ensure the oars of your life’s vessel are the correct fit, technique of your skills are essential. Find the motion that sets your life’s boat downstream by following your passion. Don’t follow others who choose to row upstream against their natural flow. Learn for yourself through experience, you will soon recognize the right waves to catch. Steer in the direction that will take you to the shores of abundance that your dreams are made of. By following your passion, you will get stronger as you go along while others get discouraged and tired, eventually giving up. Be excited and enthusiastic about rowing your life’s boat, if you are not, it’s harder to influence others and convince them to jump in the boat with you. Be very careful who you allow into your life’s boat, stay away from those that seek to sabotage or poke holes in the vessel. You will get further in life if you are surrounded by supportive and encouraging crew members.

Maintain your life’s boat in good physical shape. Don’t be all paddle and no play. You have to spend time in recovery mode too. Rest and relaxation are essential to your quality of life. Try not to overburden yourself with too much cargo. There’s no need to carry the weight of the world, you will often find more meaning and value in the lighter load of simplicity. Stay loose and try new things, sail off to far away lands, meet new people who are different from you. Extend beyond the familiar waters, learning about other cultures can only broaden your horizons. While you are at it, have a little fun, paddle backwards, look silly, who cares, it’s your life. Whoever said there’s only one way to do something! You can keep your feet firmly planted on deck, but still let your mind go. Let your imagination sail loose to the life of your dreams, you only get one journey so make the most of it. If you ever get sea sick, take notice, that’s your body communicating to you, change direction, find fresh air in new scenery. Your life’s journey is supposed to be enjoyable, don’t allow the pirate ships of despair and stress to capsize you. Whenever you get lost in the ocean, use your life raft, there’s always people who can help you if you ask. Our sincere condolences go to those affected by the Wisconsin temple massacre, on a brighter note, congrats to the greatest Olympian of all-time Mr. Phelps and to all other athletes from far and wide. As always, enjoy your mental workout.