Sound of musicSound of music

Friday, August 5, 2011

Today’s mental workout will wind down the week with some classical music. We are going back in time to the late 1750s when classical music used to rule the pop charts and win all the social media awards. The effect of music on the mind cannot be understated. Most studies have successfully shown that classical music does indeed improve our learning capabilities. The sounds of Mozart and Bach have been shown to be the most effective. Listening to classical music especially can release those feel good neurons that allow the body to relax. The goal is to always provide the best possible comfort zone for your brain to go to work. You complain about your 9 to 5 schedule, but your brain works 24 hrs a day with no vacation. Give your brain first class treatment! Classical music to the brain is like a 5 star hotel spa package. Give it some rejuvenation so it can serve its master better and much more productively too. Your brain has been working on minimum wage far too long. Refresh your brain. You will notice how your body will immediately respond to those celestial magical sound waves. Using the same tempo classical music will most likely work the best.

It’s surprising why learning music is not a more mandatory form of the curriculum. After all, it’s very engaging for your young minds, even if they don’t seem the most gifted at first, it can serve to teach them perseverance, focus and all out dedication. Studies all over the world have shown secondary school students who study music outperform their counterparts in test results. Also studies have shown music improves your memorization and listening skills particularly, it even helps people develop quicker physically to whatever potential possible. We only have to look at all the many talented scientists and geniuses around the world and discover a majority of them are also musically gifted.

So whenever you can spare a moment this weekend, listen to some classical music and be transformed into a calm state of mind. For this workout, you should also ponder any present day difficulties or challenges you have. Ask the mind for possible solutions to anything, see if those magical sound waves carry new creative ways of solving your problems. Try this a few times and see what luck it brings you, be assured it will de-stress you. Go ahead take a break from the mad pace of the world and good luck seeking new possibilities. As usual, make it a great mental workout.