Spring Break!!!Spring Break!!!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Today’s mental workout to end all-imagination week encourages you to take a spring break in the best continent known to mankind. No, not Africa of course, inside the depths of your mind. That’s right, go on a spring break inside your mind. Part of this special vacation involves taking a break from any active thinking whatsoever, in other words pretend you are a politician for a while, check out how the other side lives. Spring is a time for rebirth, renewal and transformation. Spring gives you life. Spring represents that vital bridge between the harsh winter of the negative thoughts inside your mind and the bright summer of positive thoughts. So part of your spring break involves doing nothing at all. Kick back and relax on the sandy beaches of your mind. If you are at all worried about the consequences of doing absolutely nothing at all, don’t even think about it. Doing nothing at all has been responsible for some of the largest fortunes in the world. Ask the idle rich Sheiks of the Middle East who pull oil prices out of thin air and claim supply and demand. Of course we have the masters of doing nothing, the Wall Street bankers themselves who take your hard earned money and invest it for you till there’s nothing left. Doing nothing at all is an art form in itself. You will be able to show off to your friends and pick up fancy awards. You may even become a famous socialite and get your own reality tv-show. So don’t feel guilty, go ahead and check into that spiritual villa inside your mind and remember not to bring any baggage with you.

You should feel thoroughly refreshed after doing absolutely nothing at all. You may even qualify to be a member of the Royal family. Hopefully as a human being of substance, even though completely refreshed, you are already completely bored by now, doing nothing is not your thing, at least not for a prolonged time. So perhaps politics is not in your future after all. You’ve probably even worked up quite a healthy appetite like Sarah Palin brain cells begging for rational views. Next step of your spring break is to embark on a mind picnic. You are going to further rejuvenate your body with some healthy food for thought. So pack your basket with thoughts that feed your soul. You know, those positive thoughts of things that bring happiness and joy. Feed yourself thoughts centered around your passion and enthusiasm for life. This is one time you can’t overstuff yourself. Let yourself go, eat from the everlasting buffet of thoughts that feed your spirits. The higher the calories of passion, the better for your immune system. If you identify any junk food in the form of toxic negative thoughts, stay away. Be careful of fearful thoughts that have nice packaging pretending to be looking out for your safety and best interests, but like fast food, you will pay a price. Be brave in a world of so many who fear. You have total control of your mind’s picnic, make the most of it. Next we are going to liven up our mind spring break with some activities, get some juices flowing. Some spontaneous activity, a little spice of life. Go fishing in the river of your mind for wonderful memories buried deep in the waters. Use passion as your bait, what do you enjoy doing have you neglected. Explore the landscape of your mind, climb up the trees, discover which branches hold the deepest roots. Light a camp fire, find what burns deep inside you. What illuminates your soul? Find the enlightenment your soul desires. Finish off with some friendly competition to fuel the spirits, play a little mind game, positive thoughts vs negative, see which side wins. Which side makes you feel uplifted and refreshed? May the best side win! Thanks again to all those that have subscribed to the website. Enjoy your spring break and see you on the other side, we have some great things planned.