Wedding Reception!!!Wedding Reception!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Today’s mental workout for Imagination Wednesdays invites you to the biggest wedding of the year. So big that Cosmopolitan and Esquire couldn’t even score any tickets. This perfect matrimonial bliss is the union of East and West, no not US and Russia, there’ll be another cold war before that happens. The parties involved in this perfect union are your left and right brains. Who else could make a better lifetime couple, hopefully this wedding lasts longer than a Kardashian one. Mr. Left brain is waiting in great anticipation, he has been planning this blissful day for quite a while and has all the details mapped out. Mrs. Right brain just looks a dream in her Vera Wang gown, her beauty is unimaginable. Yes indeed, this fine pair make a most perfect couple, nothing could ever tear these two apart. Mr. Left brain is a very lucky man, so many imagined they could have ended up with her instead.

This guest list bonanza boasts a who’s who of the entire universe. The celebrity A-Listers represent a complete body of work. Serving as best man is Mr. Courage with Ms. Compassion as Maid of honor. Mr. Self-belief will be the Guest of honor, when he’s involved, anything can happen. Let’s go around and see who else we can find. On the dance floor, Mr. Heart is break dancing, there’s no stopping this guy, what incredible rhythm, call him the life of any party, when he stops beating, the music really stops. Over in the corner we have the white blood cells and the red blood cells taking a break, it’s been an eternal war fighting the bacterial army. Ms. Funny bones is tickling Mr. Abs, it’s always hard to get him to have a good time, he hates to eat or drink too much. Speaking of drinking, there goes Mr. Liver over doing it again, he might be tipsy making unwanted advances on Ms. Kidneys, but she’s not having it.

Mr. Ego aka The Donald just showed up, now the party can really begin, there’s always action when he’s around. Oops, he’s not impressed, ready to fire everybody. Speaking of fire, there goes Mr. Passion and Ms. Inspiration engaged in meaningful conversation, apparently Ms. Success is definitely on her way. Sir and Lady Patience have just arrived, elegant as ever, always ready to reward those who wait. Oh here come the wedding crashers, Mr. Fear and Mr. Negative, they are making Ms. Nerves feel uneasy already. Here comes Mr. confidence to save the day. Nothing can spoil this wedding party now! Best of all, the universe picks up the tab. Nobody has to go in debt to start off this marriage. Ms. Inspiration and Lady Luck are ready to sing the last song, this love story appears headed for a very happy ending indeed. The happy couple plan to honeymoon in the best place known to mankind, wherever the imagination takes them, they are definitely in for the ride of a lifetime.