You've been approved!!!You've been approved!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Today’s mental workout is going to make you an offer you can’t refuse. Congratulations! You’ve been approved for the best card of all, your life card. Forget platinum or gold limits, this life card is unlimited. The wonderful thing is you don’t have to fill out any tedious paperwork or talk to any annoying operators. No worries your fico score doesn’t matter, we don’t care how many late payments in the form of excuses you’ve had until now. Your past history is irrelevant, all that counts is where you go from here, we are all about the now and the future. Just take a few moments to consider what you desire to do with your life card and make your wish list. The only requirements we have is that you do what you have passion for and what you really enjoy. We hate to waste these life cards. Remember this is a one-time special only. We are definitely not going to be sending this offer every day to your mailbox so make full use of it now. Next download your wish list and save the original on the right side of your brain. Next we are going to fax a copy over to the left side of your brain to work out the intricate details of how we are going to get there. Your brain’s left side loves to play with numbers, that’s what it’s there for, so make sure you give it enough work.

Don’t worry, your life's card carries no annual fee or monthly maintenance fees or anything of that nature. If things ever get tough in our unpredictable universe, we won’t stick it to you by sneaking in any hidden charges. You are definitely in good hands with us, that’s not just a slogan either, we stand by it. This life card may be available to everyone, but only very few realize it’s amazing possibilities. So definitely don’t leave home without it. Build up all the reward points you wish from now till infinity. Use your life card to do anything your heart desires. Fly with it anywhere in the world you wish to go at any time on any day, there’s no restrictions on this card. Go places you never even knew existed, go meet different people and experience new cultures all over the world. You can choose to spend your life card buying up all the material possessions in the world, but remember that may never bring you true happiness. Use your life card to invest in knowledge and wisdom, you can never max out on that.

The only time you may get a declined transaction is if you let somebody else control your life’s card. Why you would want to that is beyond us, the universe provided your own unique magnetic swipe code. Nobody else in the world is like you, nobody can clone you, at least for now anyway, so live your life like nobody else. Life is for living on your terms. This life card will never enslave you or tie you down, it only seeks to set you free. Life is for freedom. There’s no play now and pay later, on the contrary, the more you play, the more life you get. If anything ever goes wrong in the unpredictable universe, use the power of your life card to turn every negative into a positive. The best thing about your life card is you determine the amount of interest. Remember interest used to be such a great word till the banks took a hold of it. Life is for real interest. The more interest you show in your life, the more limit you gain on your life card and the more fulfilling your life will be. Choose to make your life unique and a truly interesting one! As always make it a great mental workout!